About us

Having its headquarter located in the heart of Transylvania, in Cluj-Napoca, Secpral Pro Instalatii is presently one of the most important importer & supplier of heating and sewage materials.

Being a private owned company, with Romanian capital, Secpral Pro Instalatii has a young and dynamic staff, with an excellent professional training, dedicated to offering correct information to the customers and promoting the newest and best techniques and materials from the industry.

Secpral Pro Instalatii, through its warehouses from Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov, Timisoara, Craiova, Roman and Oradea, national network of distributors, backed by the strong and direct relationships of over 15 years with producers from Central and Western Europe, offers a large diversity of products for the following fields of activity:
  • heating
  • water supply
  • gas supply
  • sewages
  • renewable energies,
With all the advantages of the new technologies: extended life time (up to 50 years for some products), easy installation, environmental friendly, reliable, completeness of systems, comfortable solutions, fit for the present needs of Romanian customers.

Our suppliers have ISO 9001 certification, the products are certified by the Health Ministry of Romania and are produced in conformity with the European and Romanian norms.

In future we intend to improve and extend the variety of the products we offer and to extend the network of suppliers so that we can remain further on “the source of your installations”.


1998: Secpral Pro Instalatii is registered and its first investment is finalized - a warehouse of 240 m², a storage yard of 1500 m², a small showroom and offices.

1999: the offices are relocated to a new building of 500 m².

2001: together with Pro Services – a company member of the group, specialized in logistics and technical assistance, are inaugurated a new warehouse of 3000 m² and a storage yard of 2000 m².

2002: a new warehouse (rented) is opened in Bucharest , as an answer to the growing number of customers from Bucharest and generally form the Southern part of Romania.

2005: a new and modern headquarter is inaugurated in Cluj-Napoca, bringing a plus to the services offered by Secpral Pro Instalatii, through the new showroom, modern laboratory, schooling premises, extended office and warehouse space, the total built surface of the company reaching this way over 10.000 m².

2006: the company obtains the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.

2007: two new warehouses of 5000 m2 and 1000 m2 are opened in Cluj-Napoca and Sibiu; work starts at a new warehouse in Bucharest.

2008: new building office of 1.000 m², with show-room and schooling premises and new warehouse 8.400 m² are opened in Bucharest, with a value of investment over 4 million EUR.

2010: S.C. Secpral Pro Instalatii S.R.L. opens a new show-room and warehouse in Brasov, with a total area of 625 m².

2011: S.C. Secpral Pro Instalatii S.R.L. opens its 4-th show-room and warehouse, in Timisoara, with a combined area of 476 m².

2012: In October are inagurated two new warehouses & show-rooms, located in Craiova (warehouse and office in total area of 621 m²) and Roman (warehouse and office in total area of 655 m²).

2013: In Septemeber is opend our new branch (werehouse and offices) in Oradea.